About the Photographer

My name is Annie Shade, Photography has always been a passion of mine as long as I can remember, I love the art of it and capturing those moments that create a forever memory, the ability to be able to capture and create something that can touch someones heart and bring joy for years to come,  and the  expressions of happiness and appreciation  from my clients for such a captured moment.

I am a student at Everest University, attending for a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice, I have a beautiful family, with three daughters, and a wonderful husband.  I am an independant photographer, doing all sorts of photography including portrait; seniors, babies, and families, I also do many events; weddings, Quinceañeras, baptisms, birthdays, sporting events, etc, and I always love photographing the beautiful wonders of mother nature.

There is no particular type of photography that I specialize in, I love and do all sorts of it, as I love to  find and capture art through the lens of a camera to capture a moment that might otherwise have been unseen.

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